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What the Supplement Industry Is NOT telling you about Optimal-Aging and Fat Loss

Today we’re going over 3 compounds that are profound in the anti-aging game.

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Okay, on to the meat of today’s post:

  • NAD
    • NAD is one of the great findings of the last decade. It is essentially an anti-aging supplement that carries a profound list of additional benefits. There’s even data showing it to have positive effects with addictions. The great thing about NAD is that you don’t need to take the supplement. It’s completely pointless. Your body already produces this naturally. and the great part is, the NUMBER ONE WAY TO INCREASE YOUR BODY’S NATURAL NAD IS TO do resistance training 2-3x/week. If you wondered how Jlo has been able to keep her youthful look into her 50s and still perform the way she does. She has been doing some kind of resistance training 2-3x/week for decades. Her joints are strong, her skin is still elastic, and her muscles are working for her instead of against her. This is available to everyone if you know how to do it.
  • HGH
    • This hormone sounds scary because it’s been linked to an overgrowth of the heart and bone tissues, but that was ONLY in body builders injecting absurd amounts in unnatural ways. Promoting the bodies own production of HGH leads to healthier joints through the strengthening of tendons, ligaments and bones as well as providing an almost lubricating factor to the joint itself. The best way to promote the body’s production of HGH is through resistance training, power movements and interval training like we do at Grit.
    • For a Joint Health: Resistance Training, Power Movements and Interval training all promote the body to produce more HGH.
    • Bone Growth: HGH helps the body lay down NEW bone tissue that is lost with aging. Calcium supplementation actually doesn’t have much of anything to do with the building of new bone tissue. Other supplements and activities are far more significant for bone growth and maintenance.
    • Skin tightening: As we age our skin looses its elasticity creating the wrinkle and sagging look of aging. Bummer right? HGH actually pulls the skin tighter to the muscle that creates a more youthful look to the skin.
    • HGH is also significant to fat loss.
  • IGF1
    • IGF1 is another big player in the fat loss game, and the most immediate way to increase your bodies natural production is through increased time in the concentric portion of your strength training exercises.
    • For the concentric phase, think of the way up from the bottom of a squat, bench press, or row. Concentric muscle contraction is when the muscle is contracted and shortening. Spending more time here increases your bodies natural production of IGF1.

Now, you could go to a search engine and try to find a way to inject or swallow these three listed above.

HOWEVER, taking the supplement form will never replace the additional benefits that come with the exertion that will produce them naturally within your body.

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