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Deadline Approaching

Quick reminder, Monday is the final day to get signed up for the Firm in 42 Days Challenge.

Click here:

This is a great way to jump start your progress in 2022!

We hope you join us!!


  1. If I’m already a member can I join? Yes, call 319.855.7768 and we’ll get you set up
  2. Who is leading the nutrition sessions? Tori is a Certified Nutritionist and does a fantastic job. This is Tori:
  3. What do you do in the sessions? We’ll be working directly from Grit’s own Diet Disruption Course. This is almost an anti diet progression. We’re working to create behavior modifications and habits that are easy to maintain. Rather than fighting human nature with the rules of a diet that are eventually going to have an end date, we’re working on building a lifestyle with food thats sustainable.
  4. What about the workouts, am I ready to do THAT much? Everyone is unique, we’ll be able to get more clear on this question during your strategy session. But much of exercise progress is managing stress. There’s a point where too much is going to be more harmful than helpful. More people fit into that category than you think, they’re just usually younger and their bodies can recover fast enough that they’re not reaping the consequences of this yet. For you, we will almost certainly modify your workouts as we go. Somedays are just different than others. For instance, a workout on a day after two weeks of good nutrition and plenty of sleep is going to be completely different than a workout on a day after 3 days of no sleep, on the road traveling and eating out every night. Modifying that workout accordingly is a matter of managing stress.
  5. Do I have to record every calorie I eat? No, we’re not going to make you do this, nor stop you from doing it. Counting calories is a little overkill for the great majority of people. Most people will get where they want to go or get very close by focusing on their decisions rather than their calories. Plus, if we’re really going for long term health, the better decisions are going to be the healthier long term solution anyway.

Hope this helps.

Once you’re signed up, one of us will give you a call to schedule your Strategy Session and Nutrition Sessions. Then we’ll meet, get your program set up and be off to the races!

To Claim your place, Click Here:

It’s a HUGE discount when bundled together like this and it’s because we want to help.

This has been a big hit in the past and we’re excited to have it back.

Hope to see you soon.

-Grit Gym Staff