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This meeting will take place at Grit Gym (address below) and last approximately 25-35minutes. During that brief time, we will be highly efficient. I will show you NEW possibilities, NEW opportunities and reveal why you’re struggling with you training - and what to do about it. 




Essentially, I’ll answer the question of “how does your progress stack up with the norms”, which is really fairly silly to say because humans are so vastly different. However there are some very quantifiable ways to judge progress. Such as deadlift to body weight ratio. Pushup progressions. And if your body is ready for chin/pull ups or not. 


After doing this for 10+ years, I’ve not only gotten pretty good at helping people get the results they want without the consequences they'd like to avoid, but also knowing where you need to focus your efforts initially to make the progress now, as well as creating long term plans for patient progress over the long haul of life. 




When you book your call, here’s what will be delivered: 

  • Find out why your current strategy isn’t working and what to do about it (…I’ll ensure that you leave knowing precisely what to do to solve your current obstacle/s). 

  • Get a new Exercise Plan: Discover the 4 critical elements you must have (…including the one that will make it impossible to be successful without. These show how your training has a direct relationship to your body.)

  • Instantly Actionable Ideas: We’ll suggest at least three new exercise strategies available to you - that you might be overlooking. 

  • Success: We’ll tell you the No. 1 most successful strategy for developing the fitness you want and need for the experience you want to live in your life. 


On top of all that, you’ll also get: 

  • Clarity: The internet is an ocean of information. You don’t need to swim through the piles of nonsense to find the diamonds of clarity when someone else has already been doing the work for over 20years. 

  • Answers: The call is one-on-one, so you’ll get answers to your specific questions about implementing your plan. We live in a world full of answers and no questions. You and I are going to ask each other a ton of questions to get to the best answers for your body, goals and current circumstance. So be prepared. 

  • Help: after reviewing your specific goals, challenges, resources and situation, I will prescribe which of our programs can best help you. This will not be a sales trap you are lured into and abused by. At the end of the consultation, we’ll simply give you options and details on the most appropriate services and programs for you, so you can make an informed, intelligent and logical decision on whether or not we should work together. I will ask you to make a decision - and it’s perfectly okay if you decide we’re not right for you. 




Bluntly, this call is not open to everyone who exercises. If you’re NOT motivated to grow … if you are focused on selling me your training methods in an attempt to confirm what you're already doing and not willing to devote time to new methods and perspectives … or if you are not willing to invest in yourself or take action on what you find here, you’re not for us and I CAN NOT help you. No one can. 


However, if you are hard working, smart, ambitious - yet are constantly held back due to your current lack of a system, strategy and plan - if you are aware that lack of knowledge is NOT a weakness but that lack of willingness learn is a weakness that will keep you from living the life experience you want … then I’d URGE you to take up my offer of a consultation to finally sort all of this out for you. 


Spots are limited - here’s who should apply: 

  • You are WITHOUT a systemic plan that produces predictable results (…i.e. you never know what exercises to do when, with how much weight or why your body broke through or hit a plateau.)

  • You are struggling to notice whether you’re making results or not. (….you’re working hard but you lack measurable progress.)

  • You are having trouble getting yourself to the gym and when you get there, you spend too much time raking your brain on what to do next. 

  • You get the gym, and your coach is blasting music, yelling at everyone but you have no idea how much weight to do or if it’s the right exercise for you … then you leave feeling worn out and beat up.

  • You want to know how to create a plan that you can apply your work ethic to but doesn’t leave your brain more fatigued than your body, and you walk away from your workout feeling better than you wen into it. 


Finally and most important: 

  • You are ready to make a change - due to the nature of the advice you will get here, you must be ready to open your mind, seek understanding, and apply what we’ll be covering … no one is asking you to understand everything that we talk about to it’s fullest depths …  no one is even asking you to agree with all of it … what I’m asking you to do is to trust me for 25-35minutes and see where we can go with what’s currently holding you back from everything you want in life. 

  • You must come ready to work hard to improve, focus on the priority at hand (this will not be a pity party/venting session, we are seeking solutions TOGETHER) and you must show up with a positive attitude. These are our BIG THREE at Grit Gym. With these three, you will always succeed.

  • The session will last 25-35mintues. Please set aside the appropriate time away from distractions and interruptions so we can have a serious conversation. Put your phone on silent, leave food and drinks at home, and bring your full engagement to this conversation. 


If any of those describe you, you can and should apply for the Free Strategy Session.



Ordinarily, a session like this would cost close to $119. However, I am giving it to you Free. This is because i know that this topic - if you’re trying to figure it out on your own - can be confusing, misleading and dangerous. For how silly it seems, such a small thing, it's reach is so vast and painful that it's hard to even know what to do.  


I’ve worked with enough people like you in the past who expressed that the only thing holding them back from the body they want, the body that is capable of performing in their life endeavors they way they want to, is the lack of clarity on exercise, mindset, recovery and nutrition. It always comes down to these four things. Thing is, there is simply just too much information to sift through and gain and understanding of what will work for you. Even if you do find the "answers", it's even harder to apply what you find to yourself. You’re too close to the project. 


Take a topic like mindset. You’re perfectly well smart enough to understand your obstacles, you probably even notice others that fault to their own. But your obstacles impedance on your dreams isn’t about smarts it’s about acknowledgment. You can’t see your own mindset obstacles, that’s why everyone continues to trip on them until a coach points them out, gives a differing perspectives, then you can become aware and are able to confront that obstacle that you were putting in your own way. When you become aware, you can see them, when you can notice them you can confront them, when you confront them, you can win. Unleashing yourself to a new level of successful. And you do this by getting a coach, setting up a team around you, and leveraging as much accountability on yourself as possible. 


After all, none of us were taught how to do this health and performance thing. What you learned in school, even if you were a exercise science major is wrong on too many levels to list here. And marketers try to make it seem so easy. “Try our 6week easy system and get your dreams. It’s no wonder that it’s confusing and even demoralizing on some level. This is NOT easy and there’s no ONE system that is going to cover all your bases. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL with individual needs. It’s obvious that you need to take certain measures and strategies that others won’t and shouldn’t. 


It’s not wonder it seems so complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that and that’s why I want to offer you this session. 


Of course, I won’t promise to solve all of your obstacles in 25-35 -  but I can tell you where to avoid and what your next steps need to be to shed light on the success you should be having so you can fix it. 


As a coach, my job is to get you from point A to point B in the most efficient and safest way possible. Sometimes that involves getting you to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it. Other times it’s a matter of education. Either way, I cannot do it for you. Ultimately YOU have to step up, and take action on this dream of yours. Now, let’s get you the results you want. 




I can understand that….


I have a healthy degree of skepticism (not pessimism), and consider my time highly valuable because it is. Yours too! Time is one of our greatest resources. I’d be concerned that this consultation is nothing more than a thinly veiled sales pitch that provides no value. Believe me, I get pitched by telemarketers close to a dozen per day. 


Therefore, I want to assure you I’ve worked very hard to make sure that you will see REAL VALUE and your time will NOT be wasted. 


To that, I’ll even put my “money where my mouth is” and GUARANTEE: I will personally guarantee you will find this consultation to be of incredible value, with numerous eye-opening details, information and useful advice. 

In fact, I email every person AFTER each consult, asking for input on how it went. 


And I want to know.


This is a response that comes direct from me, unfiltered, and is your opportunity to say you feel your time was wasted, and that you want your compensation. 


TO BE CLEAR: Provided I feel I CAN help you, I will be presenting you with a few options on how you can work with us. I’m not hiding that as one of our goals for this consultation. 


But - I also believe I can deliver value to you and NOT WASTER YOUR TIME. 




Question 1: Is your current strategy’s workouts, recovery and nutrition and overall health able to deliver the lifestyle and safety you’re expecting and hoping it will provide? 


Are you on track? Are you making reasonable progress? How well could you “weather the storm if an unexpected life change occurred: pregnancy, loss of job, promotion at work … would your current system withstand or would this cause a personal crisis to your health and progress. 


Question 2: Exactly WHERE are your biggest and best opportunities right NOW? What opportunities are you overlooking right now? What specific aspects of your workouts, recovery and nutrition are in the direst need of attention and/or repair? 


Where and how should you start to go about fixing them? 


Question 3: Whether or not enrolling in one or more of our programs is appropriate for you, and which programs will help you achieve your specific goals. If yes, how do our programs work? How do you participate? What’s required of you? What is done FOR you, what is done WITH you? 



If you are ready to apply for the call, here’s how it works: 


Step 1: To apply, please fill out the short form at the top of the page. This will give us important information about your current situation, your specific goals and what you’re doing for workouts. This will help us get the ball rolling and help me formulate a plan and fully prepare for our consultation. Please take a few extra minutes to give us as much detail as possible. 

Step 2: Once you have completed your Application, you will be emailed an online calendar to self-select a time that is most convenient for you to meet in person. This consultation will last 25-35 minutes; depending on how many questions you have. We have limited time so please clear your calendar of any distractions during that time. 


Step 3: Your application will be reviewed and, provided you meet all the criteria outlined in this page, one of my client concierges will send you pre-meeting materials. You will find this information extremely beneficial and interesting - and an “easy” read (most will be short, information videos).




If you are NOT perfectly happy with your results, how you body performs, how it feels, your memory as well as how fast your brain is processing information or the general progress of the life experience you are live right now … if you are NOT satisfied and NOT completely confident in your ability to create the kind of results you want to be living with … why wouldn’t you say “YES!” to this opportunity right now? 




No one can really thrive in their life the way they want to be experiencing it without a clear strategy for taking care of their physical and mental health as well as building the capability of performance. 


If you put it off by telling yourself, “Next month,” or “Tomorrow”, I can tell you that tomorrow will always be readily available. One month will turn into 2,3,4 and those tomorrows will turn into a year. 


A year will turn into a decade - and once that time is lost, it’s gone. You cannot make it back. 


You’re already behind. 

Grab your session today and let's get going on the body you want to live with for the life you deserve to be living.


Adam Rees



3599 Dolphin Drive 64H

Iowa City, IA 52240





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