If this Aligns with You, Please Sign, if not, We understand

If this aligns with you, will you please sign and share with others who will also sign and share? Click Here: http://chng.it/w6ztD7tRDS Unintentional consequences are inevitable. Regardless of agreement/disagrement to actions set in place to reduce exposure to covid19, there are going to be unintentional consequences. Today there is a hidden issue being kept behind closed doors in isolation. Those who care enough to look at the uncomfortable reality will see the upcoming mental health crisis glaring us in the face.

And we can prevent it. See, connection matters, community matters, physical expression through exercise matters. The mental state of panic without the escape to a place of positivity is dangerous.

You may be surrounded by loved ones, in healthy families, with positive relationships. Few are so fortunate. It doesn't take much digging to see under the surface and realize we all have wounds that we pick and expose. You do not want people unable to visit the place where they are able be their real self. Where they can express and explore who they really are. Isolation is keeping them from something more than a workout. And it’s itching the monster no one wants to think about. The person with a proclivity towards depression at home alone pondering suicide. The kids stuck at home with drunk parents. The spouses at each other’s throats. We can use concern for the illness, taking precaution with small numbers. Much like food trucks and grocery stores. It is possible to limit exposure to covid19 and mitigate the mental health crisis. Please sign and help those who are begging to take responsibility for their health. There is nothing that has a more direct effect on life experience than health, and there is nothing more important to your life than the experience that you do have.

Grit Gym is a small, personal training studio that takes less than three clients at one time. Please sign this petition so we can help more people by opening our doors to small numbers at a time. To help, click here: http://chng.it/w6ztD7tRDS Mental Health at risk with Isolation, Fitness is Essential

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