You Are The Power

There’s three different circumstances for the people I keep hoping on calls with:

  1. Stressed beyond belief … professionals working at hospitals

  2. Scrambling … those trying to pivot and provide value to help people, so they can save their businesses

  3. Bored out of their minds … almost everyone else

People keep asking how I am doing, and I keep responding, “All things considered, I’m great.”

And if you sit back and think about it, if you’re healthy, able to read a book, do a workout, watch a movie, and spend time with those you care about (although I’m not a situation where I’m trapped at home with young kids, so for you guys that are on the edge of your sanity, hang in there) … point being, all things considered, where are you?

There is no better time to keep your presence, your mind, your clarity than when everyone else is losing theirs.

When the masses are in a panic.

When the government has taken all your freedoms and asked you to do what it says or else…

When Toilet Paper of all things have become the choice for what to stock pile in case of emergency.

Yeah, I don’t get that one either.

However, in a time like this, it’s never been more clear to keep your mind.

To question and become skeptic to the story you’re living, and to confront the beasts inside you.

Now, it is not just a great opportunity, it is paramount to practice self care.


There’s a little evil in all the good and a little good in all the evil, right?

This is something that is made clear in all religions and cultures.

If a lesson has withstood time, filtered through the sieve of human psychology from generation to generation … perhaps it’s worth thinking through.

I’m not trying to get all holy moly on anyone here. I’m trying to point out that no matter how good one happens to be, it doesn’t take much to tempt the other.

Add some alcohol to fear, and then pick a fight.

See what I mean?

I don’t know if anything good comes from that.

Read the book “Ordinary Men” and you can see how important it is to reflect on your own capacity for evil.

If not confronted, it controls you, not the other way around.

There are always unintentional consequences … what will they be of quarantine?

Domestic violence is proving to be one of them.

The FDIC has just encouraged Americans to leave their money in the banks.

We thought 2006 was bad? It was one industry, inside of one country.

This is world commerce coming to a halt.

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Does the government have the money all of us employers have been paying into Workforce Development or did they spend it like they did Social Security?

And this is not even considering the actual illness.

Now is the time, to get very clear with YOU.

Together we are a collective thinking tank of individuals.

You as an individual are monumentally powerful.

Your presence and mental state is just one, but it is a influence on all those in your circle.

Expand your thinking to who your presence touches on a daily basis.

If you take care of you, if everyone does their best, if everyone does the task of taking care of their individual responsibilities … think of the outrageous scope of this practice.

You are POWER.

And these are some books that can help:

For those interested, I’m currently toward the end of the second book in the three part series of the Gulag Archepelego by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It’s a heavy read. If you’re going pick it up, be ready.

If you want to listen rather than read try "Libravox" for anything in the public domain, and you'd be amazed how many full audio books are already on Youtube.

Hope this helps.

Tomorrow I'm going to send a list of movies.

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