7 Aspects of Resolutions You Haven't Heard

Our individual pasts will show how we sabotage what we set out to achieve. Let's learn from it. See how here.

Year after year, people set a New Year resolution to either make healthy decisions or get in shape, but studies show over 80% of New Year resolutions don’t stick. In fact, over 80% fail within two months.

Setting up goals is easy to do, but taking action and actively striving to achieve them is another beast. You may have made a New Year resolution 2019, New Year resolution 2018, 2017, 2016, etc., but how many of those resolutions were followed through?

In 2020 can be the same, and in years to come. Have you ever asked yourself why so few, if any, achieve what they set out to do?

Well, our past is a great determinant for our future, so let’s go back to 12 months ago at this time when we dropped this video.

Why New Year resolutions don’t stick?

Interesting stats, 9 out of 10 people who make New Year resolutions, are “very” or “somewhat” confident they will be able to stick to them. But in reality, within 2months over 80% of those resolutions will be a nice thought. Here's 7 boxes to check before going for or giving up on what you want to achieve. Ask yourself, did you take advantage of these opportunities.

  1. No real commitment

  2. No real plan

  3. There is no reason WHY

  4. No one to hold you accountable

  5. No future date (no deadline)

  6. You don’t change your surroundings

  7. No confrontation of fear-based truths

Make it stick

If you really want to make your New Year resolution a reality, here is what you need to do:

#1. Make a real commitment

What is your commitment? Real commitment is leaving no other option. If you have no other option, you will stick to your resolution and make it a reality. So commit. Commit yourself to your resolution. Notice how you never leave the house without putting on clothes no matter how late you might be? Well, that's because you don't leave the option of running out the door without putting on clothes. Whatever comes up during your time to exercise, it's not an option. You'll be surprised what happens when you set this position and stick to it.

#2. Make a real plan

Some people only plan to get to the gym. That is a recipe for failure! You need to plan for what to do in the gym. Is what you want to do in the gym good for you and your current health status? How many minutes or hours do you want to spend in the gym daily? What are you going to do next week to capitalize on what you are doing this week? What are you going to do next month? How are you going to progress in your exercise to achieve your goals? What are you going to do if some obstacles come your way?

Those and more questions you need to answer at the beginning of the year. Before making a plan, you have to know where you are and where you are going. Write everything in your diary, stick your plans where you can see them every day and work towards achieving them.

And, we encourage you to take us up on your complimentary Starting Point Session so we can help with this. Click here to grab yours.

#3. You must establish your WHY

You must have indestructible reasons why you want what you want. Having a reason will encourage you to do what you want to do. If you don’t have a reason why you are doing it, you will not achieve it because motivation only goes so far. What are you going to do when you your motivated? What's going to get you to do what you know must be done when you just don't want to do it? The answer is an indestructible reason WHY you were doing it in the first place. If you're a grandparent, you're probably doing it so you can be active with your grandkids the way you want to be. If you're about to be an empty nester and you're planning some trips, well, those trips will be way more fun if you're in shape because you won't be huffing and puffing it with sore muscle and aching joints every where you go. See what I mean? Get clear on your why.

#4. Find someone to hold you accountable

Everyone benefits from accountability. Everyone. You have to have someone who is holding you to do it, someone who is tracking your progress, someone waiting for you and someone who you report to. Everyone thinks they can do it alone, and they can. It's just astronomically harder. Get someone to else in the mix.

How are you adding pressure to yourself to make you follow through and succeed? Let someone hold you accountable, track your progress and help you with your plan so you can put effort into where it counts.

#5. Change your surroundings

Nothing changes when nothing changes. Same friends, same books, same house, same colors, same clothes, same job, same car, same routine, same thoughts. See what I mean. You don’t change until you change. What you’ve done and where you’ve been has gotten you to where you are. If you want something else, then make a change. Change your surroundings to get new ideas and new knowledge because staying in the same environment will make you repeat the same thing.

This one is likely the most confused of these 7 because there are some aspects of your day that you should keep. While exploring the idea of change, ask yourself, "Is this serving me?"

If it is not serving you and the life you want to experience, it's time for a change. However, if it is serving you, KEEP it!!

#6. Set a deadline and commit to it

Set a future date to push you forward while also pulling the reality and experience you want toward you. Without a deadline, your goal is just an idea. When you set a date you are pulling the outcome towards you while pushing yourself towards it. That way, you can achieve your goal faster and better. So set multiple deadline.

This is part of the Starting Point Session. We pick a year goal. And work backward to establish dates. For instance, lets use fat loss because math makes it easy. You've set a goal to lose 50lbs by 12/31/20. This seems like quite a bit of weight. Well, could you lose 25lbs by 6/1/20? Still a lot huh. What about 4lbs by the end of the month? More doable? Yeah. Still scary? Okay, what about 1lbs by the end of next week? Not so bad right? Well, let's go for 1lbs by the end of next week. Put that deadline in your phone and crush it.

#7. Confront your fear-based truths

We all have fear-based truths, but no one wants to accept it. And I get it, me either. We may not even know we have fear-based truths. And just to be clear, a fear based truth is a lie that we consider so true that we cannot even imagine that another option exist. It's just there, so generally accepted that we don't even acknowledge it. It's based on the lie that you're not enough. Not enough for the life you want, not a good enough cook, parent, spouse, or whatever else is important. It's terrifying. And we cannot even see it until someone else points it out. You know this, we all do. It's easier to see how someone else is messing up at what they're going for than it is to see our own errors. So it takes someone else to help us notice them, which is why you get a qualified coach. Because you cannot see the picture when you're inside the frame. You're simply too close to the project.

Confront your problems. If you think you can do it alone, cool. But why would you want to? It just makes sense to let someone who has been there before help you.

If you really want to make your New Year resolution a reality, plan ahead, get someone to hold you accountable, be disciplined and consistent, set a deadline and confront your problems. If you need help achieving your gym goals, you can give GRIT GYM a shot. We can be your companion on your way to achieving your goals.

To schedule your complimentary Starting Point Session, Click Here

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