The ONLY thing I know for absolute certain is that I do not know.

For real. We've all, and I mean ALL, made absolute statements about something that we had to retract at a later date and time based on new research, discoveries, perspectives, experiences, experiments, ideas, etc.

In any case, every single thing we know is subject to change at any point in time.

Even your medical doctor that you listen to as an all knowing absolute doesn't actually KNOW for 100% certain. S/He is making an educated guess. Same as when we do our assessments at Grit. Ultimately I do not know AND that is okay. In fact it's good.

What we are doing is making an extreme

ly educated guess as to what is going on and then picking the absolute best tools we know and think will be useful in helping. Medical doctors only have medicine in their tool chest. And the Coaches at Grit have their tool kits of corrective exercises, nutrition, mindset and recovery as well.

But this "IDK" is a great thing. It gets rid of the ego nonsense. All the "have to be right." If you're scared of being wrong and "not knowing" what do you think you'll get more of? It's no different than a kid being scared to fall off his bike or drop the ball while playing catch. You get more of what you are scared of.

IDK is a very, very good thing.

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