Commonalities vs Differences

Diversity: the acknowledgement of difference...the division of peoples...the seperation of ethnicities...the divide of humanity.

Until we start seeing that we all have much more in common with each other rather than focusing on what's different...we will fail to relate in a way that allow sus to understand one another.

We will continue to hate, segregate and proclaim absolute nonsense about the other weven when we think it is being "nice" or supportive.

Diversity is not acceptance. And it's not compassionate.

Compassion is based on understanding. The absolute disregard to our inner commonalities in exchange for a focus on our divisions shows just how askew our society is on this topic.

You have far more in common with me, a person in Tibet, a girl in Africa and an old man in Russia than you will ever be able to compare to our differences.

Our commonalities are astronomical, our differences are few. What do we really have: skin color, language, location, maybe some cultural differences...and that's about it. What's there to learn from this?

Now lets talk about something interesting: what is your purpose? What scares you? What does love mean to you? What is your most prized perspective? What do you think...? We all have these. Now we are connecting. Now we see past the divide..

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