What is this #LIFTLIKEAGIRL thing all about anyway? It’s about breaking down the status quo that girls shouldn’t lift and that girls shouldn’t be strong. There are tons of myths out there surrounding women and strength training. They are bullshit.

What if I get big and bulky? This would be like you worrying that if you drive a car, you’re going to become a nascar driver. Becoming big and bulky doesn’t come easy. It’s not bound to happen and your hormones are set up for you to become big and bulky.

My body isn’t built for lifting? That is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard. You are built for strength. You are built to be strong.

What if I look like a guy? Another bogus thought. I hear most often that women want to get toned. To get toned you need to lose some fat and lay down a layer of muscle. You will not get big and bulky. You won’t look like a guy. You’ll look like a strong, badass woman.

Yoga and pilates are enough. No. Yoga and pilates are a great way to start but you don’t need to stretch more. You need more strength, power and speed. 10% of yoga and pilates are great and we use them here at GRIT gym.

Jogging is better than strength training. Absolutely false. You accumulate an insane amount of stress on your joints by pounding into the ground with the same movement pattern. 1 day of cardio activity a week is enough. Jogging creates stiffness and injuries

I’ll lose flexibility. There’s this misconception that you’ll get stiff if you lift. The lifter is always more stable and more mobile than the jogger. Every. Single. Time.

Losing your flexibility. Misconception that you get stiff. It builds stiffness after reps and reps w/o strength there. The lifter will have more stability and mobility

You are robbing yourself of the experience if you don’t strength train. You need to be strong. How is being physically weak serving you? Trust me. Woman can and should be strength training.


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