How to pick a coach

Remember that your health is the number one resource you have on this earth. It is the most important thing and you should treat it as such. The ELITE level coaches in this industry all do certain things. If you’re looking for a coach and they don’t do these things. MOVE ON. You can not afford to sacrifice your health. Get the best. You deserve it.

So what do elite level coaches do?

  1. Every elite coach does some kind of assessment. Not doing so will cause an injury down the line. Injury is the opposite of health. You must get an assessment to know where you are starting from. If you don’t know where you are - how are you going to get where you want to go?

  2. Every elite coach as a system for detailed statistics. A coach must be able to track your progress and appropriately adjust your program based on these.

  3. Every elite coach is a life long learner. Education never stops. Learning never stops. There’s two things with learning..being courageous and insanely curious. They must always be searching for the best information to SERVE YOU.

  4. Every elite coach practices what they preach. They get their ass into the gym. They challenge their mindset. If they haven’t done it then how are they going to get you there?

  5. Every elite coach celebrates behaviors, not outcomes. Outcomes are great and should be celebrated BUT behavior matters more. If you are showing up to the gym 5x a week for six months..that is a HUGE accomplishment and should be treated as such. Changing behavior takes massive amounts of courage.

  6. Every elite coach knows how to help. They have a plan, a strategy and act as a guide. They show you how to get to where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. They have a process and knows how to program according to you.

  7. They NEVER GIVE UP on a client. Ever.

  8. They use exercise and nutrition in conjunction with each other and they use mindset and recovery in conjunction.

  9. They have a strategy and a plan to get you where you want to go.

  10. They care.

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