Maximize your results with recovery

fRecovery is where everything happens. All the magic. All that time you've been putting in at the gym. Consistently dominating your workouts. All those results your looking for happens during recovery. Your body builds muscle afterwards. Your body burns fat afterwards. So how do we drive this recovery? To fully maximize our results?


Between sets we should be resting 60s to 5min. What about between workouts? The idea that you shouldn't lift or workout every day is absurd. You should work out every day. If it's important, do it every day. Your body can recover in 24 hours. Also, your body doesn't differentiate between stresses, physical or mental. So, we gotta manage these...


Relaxing doesn't mean your doing nothing. It doesn't make you boring, lazy or pathetic. You want to find ways to relax. A great method is using meditation. 15 min a day, sit down and begin to breathe. In through the nose and out through the mouth and then consciously start to relax your body - starting at the top of your head down to your toes. Visualization is also a great method. Imagine yourself as you as what you want to become.

Active Recovery:

This includes tempo runs, foam rolling, massage, warm up repeats, tune up classes, etc. Lower heart rate intensive exercise for 30-40 minutes. This improves our autonomic nervous system, thickens the wall of heart and helps us SLEEP BETTER.


This is the big one. A lot of us have trouble sleeping and taking sleep aids aren't helping you. Things that bring you down keep you down. Stay away from these. If you must supplement, try Zinc or Magnesium. There are other strategies for getting great sleep. Consistency is key in sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night so your body knows when it's time shut down. The time you go to bed is more important than when you wake up. We say that an hour before midnight is worth two hours after. Static stretching can help as well. Try journaling before bed to clear your mind. Our ONE LIFE Planner is a great tool to help with sleep and is available in our online store. Write down your goals, your success and what you can improve upon tomorrow. Throw that alarm clock and all of your screens outside of the bedroom. Last, NEVER HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON!!!!

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