If I could give you one thing...

If I could give you one thing. Just one thing to drastically improve your health, wealth, relationships, time, mindset, recovery, your LIFE..

I would give you AWARENESS.

If you have awareness. If you practice being aware. You are able to cram more experience into each and every second that you live. Life expectancy in the US is about 85 years. That's not very long. When I started to practice awareness my experiences became greater.

No bullshit. Hours felt like days. Days felt like months. Months felt like years.

Practice being aware in all aspects of your life.With your health. Your wealth. Your relationships and your time. All will improve with awareness.

Here is five tips to help you become more aware of your nutrition. You are what you eat.

1. Don't buy it. Don't buy the junk, the crap. The shit you know isn't serving you. Only buy healthy and nutritious food. Then only eat what you buy. Every dollar you spend is a vote for what goes on those shelves. Vote healthy.

2. Make all of your food. You don't have to raise your own cattle or grow all of your vegetables. BUT prepare everything. You derive more satisfaction and pleasure from food if there is some delayed gratification. Instant gratification leaves you unfulfilled, unsatisfied and continuing to reach for more. PREPARE ALL YOUR FOOD and practice delayed gratification.

3. Journal. Put pen to paper and write down everything you ate at the end of each day. See what you are eating on a consistent basis. You want your choices to stare you back in the face. We even made it easy for you, head over to our online store and grab a health journal. It's all ready for you.

4. Eat for your body type. There are three main body types: Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. All three are going to respond differently to certain foods. Some need more of certain foods and less of others. Find out which one you are and eat for YOU. One size DOES NOT fit all in terms of nutrition.

5. MEAL PREP. On Sunday, go to the store and buy all the food you need for 5 big ass salads and 5 sandwiches for the week. Make them all that night, put them into containers and into the fridge. So when you are feeling tired, don't feel like cooking..there are no excuses not to eat healthy. You already pre made the decision to eat healthy by pre making your food. This controls your calories, controls the food you eat and makes your decisions ahead of time.

All in all..I wish I could give all of you awareness. Go out. Practice being more aware in every second. In every moment. So you can truly experience the life that you want to live.

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