You are in your way

This is what it's like. This is what it's like for you, me and every other person in the world. Each individual is tied up in their own BS to the point they cannot even see that they're tied up. ••• And this is far deeper than the first stressors you think of. It's not about politics, religion or money. It's deeper than hating your job or wondering if your spouse still finds you attractive. Those are easy to notice. ••• It's about the depth to which you can build your awareness. ••• Can you notice the symptoms of 'THE FEAR OF NOT BEING ENOUGH' on the tiniest levels? Symptoms like: anxiety, anger, embarrassment, worry, stress, victim hood, jealousy, and this list goes on. Can you notice them on the microscopic, deepest levels? ••• These fears live in our subconscious as "TRUTHS", and we have little to no control over the subconscious mind. However, we challenge these Truths by building awareness. ••• Awareness brings these fears to light. By noticing these tendencies you bring them into the conscious mind where they can be challenged. This is scary stuff. You are essentially breaking down "who you are" and what you find ultimately "true" to you. You're challenging your very being. ••• Can you become consciously aware of these in order to live your life your way? Do you have the guts? ••• Because without challenging this, we all remain fallible to what always held us back from anything we wanted. Without this challenge we miss out on the full experience that a freed mind could live. All the great stuff comes from this challenge...success, happiness, clarity, true love...the whole show. ••• But you have to have the guts to take a good look at the rope. •••

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