Pros of yoga without the cons

This version of a yoga plex demonstrates how we can incorporate the pros of yoga without the cons, as well as assigning an accurate method for the individual involved.

Jon is on the stiff side. His thoracic spine doesn't like to move when it should. His shoulder blades are locked into depression. And his hips do NOT like to separate for optimal movement.

During the Yoga Plex Jon will sink into a deep lunge to create the separation we want at the hip. Remember this is a drill for thoracic rotation and scapular elevation. So don't concentrate on the arm. Focus on the shoulder moving fwd, up and around while opening up the upper back. The arm is simply along for the ride.

Now Jon can move better, feel better, will be more efficient in his movement throughout his day and his workouts thus he'll have more energy. And he has just reduced potential for injury in a massive way.

How else is he gonna be able to throw his little girl up in the air and do what's most important to him in his life?

Health is THE most important resource we have. Take care of your body. Train hard and train smart.

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