Our fear based truth

What is truth?

Truth is a perception. It's not the objective reality. We all have at least one truth in common. It's a fear based truth. Everyone that is living, has lived or ever will live will have this truth until they challenge it. It's the fear of not being enough.

No one ever taught this to us when we were kids. It's not taught in schools. It's not our fault that we have this truth BUT once we realize we have it - then it's our duty, responsibility to challenge this truth. It's up to us on whether we keep it or challenge it.

This is the fear the causes us to not live incredible lives. It's the difference between winners, non-winners and losers. You have the power to change this. We all live by the stories that are in our mind and our actions validate this story. If you are afraid you aren't enough you will find a way to validate that truth. A musician, even though they have practiced thousands of hours and are capable of performing incredibly, will find a way to self sabotage if they think they aren't enough. They will get stage freight. The batter will strike out. You'll forget how to talk to the pretty girl.

Consciously you can know that you are enough but the sub conscious mind trumps all. You have to negotiate this fear every day. You get the choice. You get to choose to be all in or afraid you aren't enough. If you are all in then you are giving it your best. How can your absolute gut wrenching best not be enough? It's your BEST.

The biggest mistake we make is we don't realize how great we really are. How powerful we are, how much love we have, how much joy we have. It takes mountains and mountains of courage to challenge this but you'll begin to live an incredible life if you do.

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