All in or afraid you aren't enough?


Are you going to be all in or afraid you aren’t enough?

Motivation and inspiration are fleeting. We don’t get to be super motivated and super inspired every second of every day. We can’t rely on these to help us succeed and reach our goals.

So, what do we do? We can have a positive attitude and be focused but that doesn’t mean we’re going to reach our goal either. There are, what I call truths, in our subconscious that get in our way. And your subconscious ALWAYS trumps your conscious. You may say, “Yeah, i’m all in. I know i’m enough.” Right, you consciously know that but your subconscious doesn’t. This is something that society has engrained in you. Deep in your subconscious.

Anxiety, anger, guilt, embarrassment, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence..these are all symptoms of that fear. When you recognize these symptoms you have two choices:

  1. Rationalize the fear

  2. Negotiate the fear

If you rationalize the fear you are justifying it and you will get more of the same thing. You’ll become a victim, depressed, negative and the like. You rationalize your anger then you’ll get more anger. BUT, if you can stop the fear in its tracks. If you can ask, is this reasonable or unreasonable. If you decide it’s unreasonable THEN we have something to work on. You can decide that it’s unreasonable and refocus on being all in and doing your absolute gut wrenching best in this moment.

This video is powerful. Give it a listen.

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