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Here we are, the beginning of the season generally considered the easiest time to transition into fat pants. Thanksgiving day is this Thursday. There's going to be tons of food to binge on and possibly way too much guilt for indulging.

This is why you have to workout first. There are only two ways to significantly raise your metabolism. Gain muscle and/or increase activity level. One takes time and the other is a decision. Both require work.

Meaning, you must come to the Burn The Bird workout at 8am on Thanksgiving morning. Everyone is invited, member/non-member. Bring your family and friends. Forward this email to all of them. It’s going to be a great time and great way to start the day.

Burn the Bird is a an obstacle course. We have multiple obstacles, only a 1/4mi run/walk and we will go outside. It is set up to raise your metabolism for up to 36hrs post exercise. So your body's cells will be wide open and ready for the nutrients you are about to ingest. The turkey and potatoes are going to your muscle, not to your fat.

RSVP by emailing with words "BURN THE BIRD" as well as the # of guests you'll be bringing with you. Yep, it's open to the public, but YOU HAVE TO RSVP.

Start your day with a win this Thanksgiving.

RSVP by emailing with 'BURN THE BIRD" and the # of guests coming with you. Right now we already filling spots and last years capacity was met quickly. So make sure to email right now.

BRING CLOTHES TO GO OUTSIDE. We’ll all do a quick warm up together inside, then go over the obstacles and get to work.

Thanksgiving morning 8am at Grit Gym.

-Adam Rees

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