Member Spotlight: Mark

See this guy? He has MS, look where he is, what he's doing and how. He's not whining, complaining and playing the victim card that he has every opportunity to lay. ••• Think about that and let it soak in for a bit. This isn't a, "Be grateful" post. Its a post calling people on their mindset. Everyone has a bad knee, a hurt shoulder, a bad back, a rough childhood and some other poor me story they like to tell. ••• This guy literally is having his body's ability to function taken away from him little by little every single day. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAYS...? He's says, "If I could go back, I'd run every where I went". ••••• You know what he doesn't say...? Pretty much all the bs excuses others use to maintain their victim mindset, negative attitude and includes the reasons used to justify avoiding the gym and experience they want in this life. ••••• At the end of life what are you really gonna think of? All you'll have are your memories. You don't even get your body. JUST THE EXPERIENCE YOU'VE LIVED. People come into me and say some version of "I'm not living the life I want because of my health, my weight or my injury and i have had enough of wasting it". Talk about a reason to be convicted to always be improving to the absolute best coach I can be. •••••• Mark is one of those people. They think I'm the one that is the motivator. Yeah right. It's people like this that get my head in a book, video, w/e it is learning so I can be of better service. Because if I'm going to ask anyone for their absolute gut wrenching better believe that they deserve mine. ••••• Thanks Mark for always showing up all in man.

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