Soda Victims or Perpetrators?

There's a war on Sugar today. Even a book called Soda Politics that takes a stance that big soda businesses are preying on kids and economically poor people and labels them the victim of drug abuse (in the form of sugar) similar to how we now view tobacco. In this day and age it's almost as beneficial to have a 1.0 education in marketing as is to have a 1.0 education in nutrition. So you can see through it and take responsibility for your own life in order to be better able to experience it the way you want to live it. No one is saying you have to take this idea but at Grit Gym we view intelligence as the number of perspectives you're willing to learn. What is about to be stated is a perspective different from the norm. It's pretty clear that a bad guy is being created and it's the soda business. Doing this has given all the power to big soda biz and stripped the poor and kids by labeling them the victim. A very poor lesson. Marketers and business don't have that much influence or power. They go where they can sell stuff. They don't go somewhere and see if they can change your mind. It'd be too much work. The fact that there are fast food chains proves that people buy it, same as soda. There is a market. If you refuse to buy fast food, there will be no more fast food. These activists writing these books are simply marketing to a target audience they know will be more likely to buy the book. Soda businesses do the same. Apparently kids and poor people are more likely to buy soda. Point is, the masses drive the market not the marketers. Activists will buy the activists book. People who buy the most soda will see more soda ads. It's easy to see the stance that "the best thing for Pepsi to do is to go out of business". But this idea that marketing has enough influence to be the cause of the obesity and health epidemic we are in gives marketers far too much credit. Marketers FOLLOW 'the market', which is established by THE MASSES. Not the other way around. If you don't want an item on a shelf in a store...DON NOT BUY IT. Businesses will adjust to give you what you want. Business either evolves or it dies, but our dollars decide where it goes. The only victims in this scenario are their own perpetrators. They created the lie and now they're living it. That's how powerful you are to the economy, to business, or dare I say that word everyone seems so scared of...capitalism. It changes to accommodate you and us. It doesn't attempt to change your mind. Believe me, Grit has been open almost 6 years now and I'm still too stubborn and stupid to stop trying to influence people to put more value on their health than they are afraid of taking care of it. Grit could make more money and have much easier days if I just put out BS content that went to people that are already in great shape. However, my integrity and mission keep me pushing for the world to challenge the way they take care of their body and mind. The point here is: YOU ARE THE POWER. YOU ARE THE INFLUENCERS. YOU BUY THE PRODUCTS. YOU DRIVE THE MARKET. You, the consumer, HAVE THE POWER and one way you can act on this is by voting with your dollars for what you'd like to see more and less of in the world. What you buy, you support.

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