No Diet Can Do What Healthy Eating Does

August 5, 2016

Crash dieting super hard right? You go on this stringent reduction of food types and amounts that are unrealistic to everyday life, spending  six weeks drooling over sugar and salt to the point that you can barely stand it. You lose 12 pounds, and you celebrate....with a huge piece of cake, ice cream and french fries. The next two weeks are spent gorging on all the food you weren't allowed to have for the last two months, justifying that it was "earned" and you'll be back to the diet soon enough. 

Then you do go back and it's harder this time. You're less motivated this time. You're less disciplined this time. It all falls apart. You feel the guilt. You shame yourself. Now all of a sudden the ice cream isn't a celebration anymore, it's self medication. Because now it feels worse than ever. That 12lb loss turns into an additional 20lb bump on your waist. You are a year away from where you started, more frustrated than ever and you're ready to give up while retiring to your fat pants. 

Well, maybe this is a good time to mention that we are going to launch our nutrition course in four weeks. The thing is, and this comes with quite a bit a reservation, this course is going to be way harder than a crash diet. It's going to require more courage, more discipline, more patience and the results will come much slower. 

The expectation is simple: work hard to improve everyday, focus on the present priority, and be a positive influence.

The expectation for results will be tough to swallow. Because they are going to be slow, one painstaking pound of fat at a time, week by week. Instead of a six week crash, you're going to be building sustainability within a nutritious lifestyle.

This amounts to an ton of upfront discipline to a new way of relating to food within your life so that one day you don't have to discipline yourself to that way of life. You simply live it. This takes discipline to focus, this takes courage to challenge the old in order to build the new and it takes time through repeated challenges. We're building good repetitions and new defaults. 

Step-by-step together, you and I are going to be creating strategy, one week at a time to slowly manage and build up to this new relationship with food. One challenge at a time until those challenges are your routine and you aren't even having to think of "how" you eat. You're able to live your life, your way.

But it starts by doing this difficult stuff upfront. So that you can reap the benefits of it later. 

Please join us for the first presentation on nutrition. It's open to the public, please invite all your friends and family. We will be presenting from the perspective of a realistic lifestyle. When you attend you will also be able to get more information on this course.

There will be special pricing for current members of the Grit Gym tribe and any at this event will get the same special for this one time only. So if you don't currently workout at Grit and you want to do this course...better be there. 

Course is 12 weeks. 

Current non-member price is 6x biweekly payments of $89. We did our best to keep coasts low and affordable for everyone. 

Special Grit Tribe pricing is $49 biweekly. 

We'll only be doing these a couple of times a year and have room for 12 people. If you know you want to sign up reply to this email with "SIGN ME UP" and we will reserve you're spot immediately. 

Otherwise, be there on the August 18th, 7pm at Grit Gym.

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