Use Your Brain, Fads are Dumb

In the 90's experts said bacon would make you fat, clog your arteries, cause erectile dysfunction, and ultimately stop your heart. The 80's experts thought that any amount of sugar was the worst thing you could do. And in the 2000's they said.....not to eat fruit. Dumb. Then the whole "protein kills" thing happened as the vegans figured out how to use scare tactics.

Here's the deal. Each of the above is accurate if you're given enough of the medium being labeled as "evil". Eat enough sugar and you're a fat, diabetic that'll die sooner than the other choice, to take responsibility of living a more balanced life. Eat nothing but butter and EVEN if it's grass fed, you're still f'd. I think research will show (and it already is beginning to) that depriving the body of enough protein and fatty acids leads to a multitude of long term health ramifications, which seem to be coming about in the mental arena (your brain gets messed up).

The point is to use your head. Even water is a poison if you're drowning. Too much of anything is not a good thing.

The war on sugar, war on fat, war on meat (vegans).....Please, give it a rest.

Most of this stuff is based on economics anyway. Fashion has to change or no one will buy clothes. Experts have to create a new fad so you'll buy more of whatever they're selling. Some of it is very good, education is a very good thing. But, you already knew enough about nutrition by the time you went to school. Eat your vegetables, eat your meat, eat your fruit and if you can, have a garden.

Actually, even Thumper from Bambi taught you all you need to know. Eat the stuff that's not as tasty first. This is actually a pretty heavy constant theme in life, if you want something, you have to do things you don't like doing and hear things you don't like hearing. You have to do each over and over and over until you get to move on to the next outrageously uncomfortable thing/s.

The answer is not educational, it's courage and relentless discipline to constant improvement.

You've gotten the idea rammed down your throat that if you buy this or that you'll have what you want. Bullshit! If you work for it, focus on it, stay get to live the life you wanted.

Personally, I like to think that we can eventually stop missing the forest for the trees. What would happen if we could go about this physical health thing with a mindset of logic and reason?

Blame in almost any situation, is a weak cop out. It's ridiculous to blame an addiction to sugar. Don't cry because you're too weak to put down a muffin. Stand up and do something about it.

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