Member Spotlight: Cindy Lynch

This is Cindy Lynch. She's a pretty quiet, resourceful, very smart and hilariously humorous lady. You can't help but laugh together when she's around even though her slightly shy persona tends to be misinterpreted when people first meet her. She's worked in a bank successfully for almost her entire professional career. According to her she hated the way she looked and definitely didn't want to be seen exercising because, "I was terrified that I'd look ridiculous not being able to do something because I was too fat and they'd make fun of me". So, she did what everyone does and always found something better to do. She says, "I never made it a priority. Even though I could barely walk across the room without losing my breath. I always had an excuse instead of it being a priority.". After trying everything else and it not working she went to a trainer. When she had the thought, "It's not going to happen JUST because I show up", it kind of clicked for her. Initially she saw results but at what cost. The guy wouldn't show up sometimes and apparently he was, "Kind of a jerk". She came to Grit Gym via a referral from a friend who had actually also used that other trainer. "I came to Grit because I still needed to have direction and to be kept accountable. My coach assessed me and set me up on a plan. It was challenging but doable and I enjoyed it. The coaches listen and change my exercises as needed and they really know their stuff. I completely trust them. At first I was skeptic and a little scared of lifting, but I'd watch other people and eventually I started saying 'I wonder if I can do that', which became, 'I'm going to try that', which turned into, 'I can do that'.

"I suppose I could've given up and stayed the same, but I would've missed out on all of these experiences. See, now I can walk up stairs without dying. I even run 5k's and do triathlons on occasion. It may seem insignificant to some people that don't understand but now I can walk into regular clothing stores and try on regular clothes. I'm stronger than I've EVER been and I get to actually play with my grandkids. If I hadn't done this, I would've missed out on a lot of life."

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