A Grown Up Talk On GMOs

Interesting buzz around the GMO topic the last few years and a conversation I've been spun into regularly. But first, Make sure to RSVP for the last Burn&Brew of the year taking place this Thursday at Ride Restaurant downtown IC at 7:30pm after Metabolic Class. There will be pumpkin carving so bring your family. Your RSVP gets you a pumpkin to carve so make sure you reply to this email with "Pumpkin" (and add a number if you'll be bringing your kids so we know how many to get). People are passionate about this GMO stuff, Saying, "The one thing I have a huge issue with are GMOs!!!" Something that has served me well through the years is the idea that there are 3 sides to every coin. *Heads, Tails, and The Edge I'd encourage everyone to look at things as often as possible from the edge of the coin instead of taking hard stances on either side. See, that's where we can really learn something about the other side and possibly even respect another perspective or Idk...maybe even come to an agreement through a discussion that creates a solution to a problem. With all the political arguments and manipulations we're bombarded with lately this sounds extra nice. Plus, to be able to hold two conflicting ideas in mind at one time is a sign of strong intelligence as well as power. Let's take GMO's...they sound awfully scary. We've heard that there is a huge lack of research and we don't know what affect they'll have on us, the environment, economics, etc, etc. I mean really, we've all seen the movie Jurassic Park, look what happened when they messed with DNA. Isn't that what scientists are doing with GMO's? Okay, now the other side isn't necessarily the stance that adding a little extra vitamins to rice will prevent millions of kids from going blind. I mean it will help with that, and what could be more important than quality of life? The other side of the coin that I see is the perspective that very few of us have ever eaten a food that wasn't a GMO. Seriously. Agriculture was invented in the Middle East by a very smart woman that figured out that crops grow better on some spots than others. Any kind of agriculture is outside of "natural". Before going on I would like to state, I am pro-nature. I think moving back towards nature is almost always a very good thing. But how far would we take this? Carrots that grow in nature are actually not orange. They're ugly, random messes of brown or purple that taste terrible. Broccoli is actually a GMO. Broccoli was invented by Italian farmers over 2,000yrs ago by breeding different types of kale and cabbage together. The nice, big, fuzzy and friendly cows that we know today...yep, they are GMO's. Cows used to be large, nasty tempered and mean animals. Humans segmented the most docile and meaty cattle and bread them together to create what we know of as cows today. Humans have modified the genetics of any plant and animal that is for current consumption. And some will say, "Yeah but what about round up resistant soy beans. They went in and changed the genes on those." This is actually a fairly simple farming technique. You take the plants that the roundup didn't kill and you bread them to make more. Then the seeds from those plants wont get killed by roundup. So you can use round up to kill everything else around them without killing the crop. Unless that one gene that is causing the soybean plant to be able to fight the affect of roundup is some how bad for us...it's not that big of a deal. Plus, how much of those soybeans do you think your'e actually ingesting? Those are going other places for other things. Hopefully to biofuels. The point is, look at both sides of the coin by standing on the edge. Then hopefully this GMO scare can die down and all these "GMO Free" labels can stop scaring you into spending triple the amount for the same product. Yes, moving towards nature seems to work well. Then there is the other side where it's obvious that GMO's have been around for thousands of years, I think we'll be okay. There are bigger fish to fry. I'll pick my battle with topics that have a better affect on the quality of the life experience.

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