What Your Mouth Can Tell You About Health

Quick announcement: If you're into Barefoot Running or finding potentially embarrassing leverage on me, turn on IPTV tonight at 6:30pm. It was actually a pretty good interview until he wanted me to demo barefoot running. I didn't realize I was in for a workout...after my actual workout no less. But Fall is upon us. Last wednesday marked the first day. Like you couldn't already tell. Well, at least it definitely feels like fall at 5am. Actually, after the 6:30am group finished the other day we were all in a conversation and realized I made it real awkward. Story of my life. But I mentioned how part of the way I eat is based on my gums. It probably wouldn't have been awkward had I explained myself when everyone looked at me oddly, but I didn't and so now it's a newsletter...sigh. Basically your mouth gives you decent insight into the health of the rest of your body. It's a way to look closely at what is actually happening inside. We could cut you open to find out but the return on investment would be very low with that one. Or we could look in the other end of the tube but I don't think you have much interest in sticking your head up your butt. Ipso facto....I look at my gums. If I notice they are inflamed or easily irritated, I take a little extra fish oil, and do an extra serving of greens drink everyday for a week or two. Typically I reserve the greens drink, using it casually whenever I didn't get enough vegetables for w/e reason and then I always add a scoop to any protein shake. But for the most part I stick with Fish Oil, a Probiotic, 4,000iu of Vitamin D3 and 30mg of CoQ10 daily throughout the year. Those were also listed in order of importance. I also floss more thoroughly and really hone in my nutrition if it's been off. Then my recovery methods get taken into consideration. Is sleep on point, have I been meditating everyday, and have I been taking any time for myself lately? This is just one way to gauge the health of your body that's pretty quick and easy. The tactics are particular to me, but fairly universally beneficial. Just another tool in your tool box. Try it out for yourself.

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