Dangers Of Fad Diets: Article Suggestion

Today's newsletter is an article suggestion that is really a rising concern in what I'm seeing as a trend on the nutrition front. We didn't really see much of this until the late 90's and early 2000's. The 2000's being the worse, when the majority of the childhood malnutrition resulted in multiple deaths from well intentioned parents adhering to a strict vegan diet. A few of these parents were charged with manslaughter when they provided a diet that consisted of almost entirely soy milk and apple juice to infants. I don't know if anyone remembers these, one made it on national news. But it's so sad. These parents really did think they were doing the right thing for their children. This is my concern....how far are we taking this ridiculous diet thing. Click here for article Kids bodies are just not as resilient as adults. It's pretty obvious that we are bombarded with sugar and carbohydrates in general. Our meat sources are usually fairly poor and we have a serious problem with ingesting vegetables with every meal. But this newsletter is for the hardcore "dieters", the extremists that get caught up in this stuff. I cannot speak against "diets" enough. They are absolute BS and everyone has seen them: vegetarian, vegan, juicing, low carb, low fat, zero carb, RAW, cleansing, paleo, etc.... No wonder everyone is confused. Each one of them make some decent points but as a whole they are absurd. If I could encourage anything... 1) Please realize that "diets" are BS and likely not altogether a healthy strategy. They are invented in order for you to purchase them. 2) Remain nutritionally agnostic. I'm not talking about real religion, I'm referring to nutrition. Veganism is wonderful, till the anti animal product talk starts. Vegetarians...for sure, as long as it's not pop tarts for breakfast and mac'n'cheese for lunch and the likelihood that they are malnourished is still extremely high. It's just very difficult to maintain a life and eat this way in a healthy manner. Grass fed beef would do a vegan and vegetarian a big service. However, if one's purpose is to protect animals, yes of course, more power to you, but don't try to say that either of these are for health. Pretty soon you'll be able to use the new Health Journal that will be another tool in your arsenal to a better nutritional LIFESTYLE. Because more exercise and less food doesn't work. Better exercise and better food does. Ask us about this the next time you're in the gym. Nutrition is a lifestyle, NOT a diet. Healthy people do NOT diet.

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