"If you’re here to be normal, you are in the wrong place"


Seeking a Part-Time Strength Coach / Personal Trainer


Updated: February, 2020


About Us

Grit Gym is a boutique fitness studio located in Iowa City. Now approaching our 10th year of business, Grit has grown from a single strength coach to a small staff. Grit Gym has reputation for rebelling against the status quo with an expertise in exercise prescription that helps people to workout the way they need to in order to push out into their lives they way they want to. Even after difficult injuries and long hiatuses from exercise. Grit provides progressive training, mindset, recovery and nutrition protocols in a delivery system of subversive humor and energy that is fun yet focused, introverted yet welcoming, and direct yet positive. More than anything we care on a level that is weird. We read tons of books, take perspectives far outside the realm of normal and live on the edge of unreasonable personal growth daily. We are experts in exercise that put each individual at the top of necessities for success. Learn more at

And we are looking for the right person to join our team.


About This Opportunity

With your passion we will continue to rebel against the status quo. This position reports to the Head Coach and the ideal start time is March 1st, 2020. You will be encouraged to learn and grow your training skills everyday. Fair warning, if your nightmare is making others laugh and engage with each other, then this is not the place for you. However, if you love to turn peoples' bad days great, and help them do their future self favor after favor by teaching exercise that gets results, all the while wearing comfortable clothes, then keep reading.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to revolutionize health by inspiring freedom from the status quo so we can all experience the life we want to live. (instead of the default life we could end up with)


We’re building a community where people feel they’ve finally found the place they belong, while sharing laughs, caring for and keeping each other accountable, while learning about innovative and cutting edge exercise, mindset, recovery and nutrition. 


Each of these guides everything we do at Grit Gym. 


3599 Dolphin Street Unit H | Iowa City, IA 52240 | (319) 855-7768 |



The Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates have a deep desire to help others. The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate a proven track record of teamwork, is great with high-touch customer service, and has strong relationship/social skills. More than anything, this person must care heavily about helping others and backs this up with a continual pursuit to grow knowledge and wisdom daily. 

Skills Required

● No certification, education or experience is required upfront. However, must have certification within the first 6months of employment.

● Excellent people, customer service and social skills

● MUST have a heavy sense of humor … (if you cannot give/take a joke ... you will not survive)

● Detail-oriented, tidy, organized, and incredible dependability

● Must have grit and wish to build upon the grit you currently have. As much as we don’t take ourselves seriously, we do take the exercise part very serious. Normal is not celebrated. This job isn't a hobby, this is a profession, a career, it is a mission, it is a calling and a life purpose. You are helping people with the greatest resource that exists.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

● Part-time Fitness Coaches work primarily to execute Grit Gym's semi-private and personal training sessions.

● This part time position will have 12-17 scheduled hours with a set, recurring weekly schedule.

● Candidates must have weekend and some early morning or late evening availability.

● Part time coaches also have the option to pick up as many as 20 additional hours per week when full time

coaches need coverage.

● In addition to hours on the floor, candidates will be expected to attend one weekly meeting to keep up with Grit Gym's continuing education standards.


Values Alignment

● Getting 1% better everyday is absolute and requires pushing outside of your comfort zone

● Caring is the medium that transcends intention, influence, and effectiveness 

● If you're going to ask anyone for their absolute best, then they deserve yours

● Individuals come before money, and the amount of money you make is in direct proportion to the number of people you have helped

● Responsibility is paramount


● $12 - 25/hour 

-NOT per hour with clients. This is pay per hour regardless. You will be paid whether you're with clients, cleaning, or in a staff meeting. If you're here to work, you're getting paid for work.

-Raises are based on performance. Work hard to improve, focus and be positive, you'll be at $16/hour within 6months.

● Commission Continuity = 8-10% of each clients payment on any training package for the duration of the client's stay here

● $100/month in supplements 

● $1,200/year for Continuing Education

● Advancement opportunities to management and administration are available for those tough enough to learn and grow into those positions




Does this sound like you? 


Then apply! 


If you think you have what it takes, send us a video, less than 2minutes, explaining why you want to make this your life's mission.

Include your resume attached to this email with three references and their contact information.


Email your video and resume to 



3599 Dolphin Drive 64H

Iowa City, IA 52240





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