Scale Poster

"The summer of 2011 was especially warm. To monitor their hydration levels, I asked a group of Junior High girls to jump onto a scale before the warmup in order to compare their weight lost during workout. The very last girl walked up crying. I asked what was up and she replid, "I don't want to do this". Her voice was pleaing for exclusion. The look on her face was a mix of terror an shame. And that is the last time I ever asked anyone to weigh. The next day this sign went up above the scale on the wall. And it was made very clear how optional it was to use it." -Adam Rees


This sign seems nice and compassionate, but it is also 100% accurate. The scale ONLY measures your relationship with gravity. It cannot measure anything else. As far as health goes, the scale is a lousy measurement for progress. 


InBody Scans and clothing sizes are far superior methods of measurement. 


Please help us put this poster in more schools and more hospitals around the country. 


Buy yours today. 

Scale Poster

    • Matte Poster Stock
    • 24 inches X 24 inches



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