Get the life you want to experience. The status quo says to work harder, but you're not lazy, you need to work smarter. This is progress by Design, NOT by chance.


Personalized Plan: get a 4 week program made for your goals and based on your assessment. Yours for keeps, even if you don't train at Grit Gym.


Goal Clarity: Get very clear on where you want to go in order to make the plan for how to get there.


Assessment: This tells where you are now. We screen each joint, including the spine, do a core stability analysis, and then a comprehensive movement pattern assessment.


InBody Scan: find your current lean muscle mass. This is a non-invasive way to see body composition results.


Bonus 1: Nutrition Analysis

Bonus 2: Readiness for Success Report

Bonus 3: Recovery Audit


The Process:

1. Purchase the Program Design Session 

2. You'll given a digital download of all the information you need including the scheduling link and all of your bonus materials

3. Choose a time 

4. Show up to the PDS wear comfortable clothes you can move in

5. We will go through a thorough analysis and you will be taken through detailed explaination of the findings as well as what your plan needs to look like for best progress moving forward.

6. After your PDS you will be emailed a detailed 4 week plan to kickstart your results!

Program Design Session




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