In 1991, I was a extremely creative, energetic and fully consumed by whatever thought came to my mind at any time. 


Teachers, adults, and my parents couldn't get me to be still for 10seconds, let alone learn to read. 


Testing began. 


Long story short, I was in a room with this Dr. who told my paretns about ADD and painted a bleak picture. 


However, according to him, take this pill and all will be well. 



My parents and I had a 30min ride home in complete silence. My dad parked the car, shut it off and they sat in silince. 



Until... Untill my mom put her finger in my face and said, "YOU are going to have to work ten times as hard as everyone else." 


I remember thinking, "I don't know how much ten times is, but it sounds like alot. And I'm going to learn times as much too."


This is what I set out to do. 


I may be the most curious person on the planet. 


I mean that. 


I'm obsessive as it is. As you'll see in this video series. 


In the 100 Ways to Stay Focused, you will get over 100 portions of what I do on a daily to monthly basis to get my mind to perform at peak levels and focus on the present priority. 


Thing is, you are always focused, are you focused on the present priority, OR are you focused on the thing you're calling a distraction? 


This is a video series I have curated over the 29years since 1991.


This is what all of us should have access to. 


If you walk into this ready to make the improvements you want in your life ... then this will be the game changer your looking for. 


Get yours today. 

100 Ways to Stay Focused




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