Get strong to live the life you want, without getting injured.


Life might be speeding up more than it's slowing down. Kids are leaving the house, grandkids aren’t getting any slower, and those trips are going to be way more fun if you’re strong! 

Are you over 50, want to exercise but have have aches and pains holding you back?


And you don't want to redline your body daily with a bunch of 20year olds? Good idea. It's not good for them either. The consequences will take 25 years to show up for them, where as the consequences of training that way will show up immediately for you. 


Almost everyone at Grit Gym came in because they wanted to get strong but they'd tried everywhere else and had just gotten hurt. Many had nagging shoulders and low backs and this was kind of their last ditch effort. (We wish they'd come here first to prevent the injuries). Some had even been in physically therapy. But here at Grit, we know the stakes, you might be here to exercise, but you’re really here for what exercise will enhance outside of here. For the stuff that's important to you like aging gracefully, kicking it with grandkids, feeling better than you did 10years ago, that sort of stuff. Your health is your greatest asset, and exercise that helps the body move and feel better is our expertise. We might not take ourselves too serious, but we take your health very serious. 

This is our process below. 

We aren't your normal personal trainers. 


You have to know where to start, with what exercises, as well as what not to do, and an expert teaching you how to do each step of the way. This is what you get a Grit. Your own personal coach.

You can have a body you can be confident to move in. You can have THAT body where the small muscles keep you safe and the big muscles work for you. You just have to know how to get them to perform together and where to start as well as how to progress to accomplish it. Our job as movement specialists is to do just that.

It’s a three priority system: 

  1. Promote the function of the muscle via performance enhancing activity 

    • …for useful strength, power and speed 

  2. Be proactive in preventing injury 

    • …to balance the aesthetic of small muscle development with the overall attractive function of physical form that happens to also keep you SAFE

  3. Burn calories in a way that boosts metabolism 

    • …to promote lean tissue gain while supporting additional caloric burn for up to 36hours post exercise that gives you massive spikes in short term energy when you need it most. 


What about also meeting a bunch of others with goals....who are JUST LIKE YOU? 

Would it help to have a coach with you for 100% of 100% of the workouts you do? 

Good, because that's what you get at Grit Gym. This is more than getting sweaty and out of breath, those are simple byproducts. This is high level Personal Training meeting you where you are, then using progressive training methods to make continual improvement. 

Your experience will begin with a complimentary Starting Point Session where we sit down to learn about you and where you want to go. This won't be full of salesy stuff. Obviously we want you to train here, that's the way we can serve best, but even if you don't, we'd still rather help than not. So take us up on the complimentary Starting Point Session.


Before you start your workouts you’ll go through an extremely thorough assessment that will be used to design a program tailored to you and your goals. You'll be amazed at the depth we take this and what you learn about your body. 


This is progress by design, not by chance. And it will be like nothing you’ve tried before. 


Strength training used accurately should enhance everything that’s important to you outside of here while becoming more impervious to injury, aches and pains. This is done by improving movement quality and then adding strength to those positive movement patterns.


A little bit about what you're walking into:

Grit Gym is a personal training studio that  has a reputation for rebelling against the status quo with an expertise in exercise prescription for strength via movement quality that helps people get back in shape to live the life they want, even after difficult injuries and long hiatuses from exercise. Grit provides progressive training, mindset, recovery and nutrition protocols in a delivery system of subversive humor and energy that is fun yet focused, introverted yet welcoming, and direct yet positive. More than anything we care on a level that is downright weird. We read tons of books, take perspectives far outside the realm of normal and live on the edge of unreasonable personal growth daily. We are experts in exercise that put each individual's sense of belonging at the top of necessities for success. Providing a community that is joyful yet relentless in its pursuit of progress. A place where the strength of the individual is as important as the tribe and the strength of the tribe is as important as the individual.


You’ll be able to build strength via movement quality so your joints function better and you’re able to really flourish while aging gracefully in order to get the absolute most out of life. 


You always get a result, let's make it a reward instead of a consequence, so you can experience your life the way you want. 

Go ahead and picture yourself on those trips? Can you imagine running down and wrestling with your grandkids without being scared you'll get hurt? Ready to get out of bed without pain?

The opportunity is here. Take us up on this offer. Obviously we want you to train here so we can serve best, but even if you don't train at Grit, we'd much rather help than not. And your Starting Point Session will carry its weight. It will be worth your time.

Click here to claim your complimentary Starting Point Session

If you're concerned about a bunch of salesy nonsense, I assure you, the sales'iest it's going to get is asking if we can show you the training packages, and that's completely up to you. The rest will be about the four pillars of health: Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery. 

Click here to claim your complimentary Starting Point Session



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