The Program Design Session is an in-depth analysis of your individual body that is then used to select exercises, sets, reps, weight, and mediums of cardio based on best practice for your specific joints, alignment, strength, movement patterns, and goals so you are able to make better progress toward the results you want, faster without damage to your health. And you can take your program with you, even if you don’t train at Grit Gym.

  • Do portions of your workouts feel frivilous? Like you're not getting the most out of your time?                        

  • Stop wondering what to do next or if what you're doing is working ... that is a medium where doubt and self sabotage fester like mold in your mind obstructing you from the life you want to experience.                      

  • Get a Personalized Plan ... a 4 week program made for you and your goals, based on your assessment. (Yours for keeps, even if you don't train at Grit Gym.)

  • Assessment: Get clear with where you are now. We screen each joint, the spine, core stability analysis, and then a comprehensive movement pattern assessment.

  • InBody Scan: This is a non-invasive way to see body composition results. Find your current lean muscle mass.            

  • The status quo says to work harder, but you're not lazy, you don't need more work, you need smarter work. Where your program works for you, instead of you working for it.

  • Bonus 1: Nutrition Analysis

  • Bonus 2: Readiness for Success Report

  • Bonus 3: Recovery Audit